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Flying Sites in Colorado

Primary sites developed & maintained by RMHPA

Boulder - Wonderland

P2 / H2 / M1

First student flights to epix XC.


P2 / H2

Evening thermals and glassoffs.

Williams Peak

P2+ / H2+ / M2

Evening glassoffs with stunning Gore Range views.

Kenosha Pass

P2 / H2 / M1

High altitude thermals and soaring.

Golden - Lookout Mountain

P4 / H4 / M2 *Sponsored

Popular drive-up site for advanced pilots.


P2 / H2 / M1

Intro mountain site for morning sleds & thermals.

Villa Grove

P2+ / H2+

Huge mountains, huge thermals, huge XC.

Copper Mountain


Advanced site w local guide, mostly winter.

P2 / H2 / M2

Reliable ridge soaring & kiting

P2+ / M2

Big mountain flying popular with speedwings


Morning speed laps or east wind big thermals.

P3 / M2

Thermic flying along the Book Cliffs.


Lakeside evening soaring flights.


Light wind high alpine paradise.


High altitude front range thermal paradise.


High mountain XC on the western slope

Backcountry sites - undeveloped but associated with RMHPA


Soaring, strong thermals, & tandems with views


Morning ridge lift soaring.


Advanced thermal XC launchpad.

Secondary sites for info only - unassociated with RMHPA.
Not maintained by RMHPA. Fly at your own risk.

Other Sites

  • Telluride, Crested Butte, Steamboat, and Reeder Mesa have delicate access and are invite-only.

  • Buffalo Mountain, Azure, Junction Butte, Independence Peak, and Ptarmigan Peak do not have good legal access.

  • The Book Cliffs and western slope are riddled with launches for advanced pilots and explorers!

  • Possible future additions: Section 16, Dominguez, Peach, Lincoln, Mt Princeton, Willow ...

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