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Douglas Pass



High mountain XC on the western slope

Backcountry site - undeveloped but associated with RMHPA

Min Rating:

Special Skills:



High Altitude, Turbulence


Western Slope XC

A mountain drive-up site with big air and convergence flying in the afternoons and ridge soaring in the evenings. Douglas Pass is a remote mountain site located on Hwy 139, halfway between Loma and Rangely. Located on private land that we use with permission.

A house thermal directly in front of launch will have you established at top of lift and ready for your XC adventure VERY quickly.

Launch is on private land that we use with permission. Be careful and respectful! Hop on Telegram and fly with some friendly locals for your first flights here.


From the top of the pass, drive up the dirt road another mile and park on the last switchback in front of the radio towers (you might have to hike this last part if snowy). The launch area is located above the road, in front of the towers. Please stay clear of the tower area.

Launch faces SW. Please do not disturb the bushes in front of launch as they are stabilizing the soil around the launch area.


The landing area is a long skinny section on the west side of the highway. Always ensure you come in with enough altitude to check the windsock before setting up approach. Winds in the LZ will switch unexpectedly, especially in the evenings. The LZ is 300 meters (1000') long and slightly downsloping. The north end of the LZ is capped by a barbed fence and the south by a ditch.

Launch and Landing Map


Live Wind Usage

  • On your phone, open the link below and bookmark it or "Add to Home Screen".

  • It is optimized for use while in-flight and will auto-update frequently.

Live Winds

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