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Telegram is the primary way that free fliers in Colorado discuss weather, make plans, exchange gear, and kill time.​ All RMHPA members should join "RMHPA - General Chat" to stay up to date on group events and news.

To join the chats, request the Telegram Invite Links by email below. This step helps us reduce spam accounts.

Thanks - check your email!

General Chats

RMHPA - General Chat

Rocky Mountain PG Mentorship

RMHPA Marketplace

Rocky Mountain PG Memes

Paragliding Gear Discussion

RMHPA Weather Stations & Windsocks

Location-Specific Chats

Boulder RMHPA Chat

Boulder PG Weather

RMHPA - Lookout

Bellyache | Wolcott

Summit County Hike n Fly


Williams | Azure | Junction Butte | Yarmony

Western Slope XC

Mt Herman / Sec 16 / Lincoln

Kenosha Pass

Copper Mountain

Villa Grove / Princeton

Eastern Plains Free Flight

Blodgett Open Space Master Plan

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