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RMHPA is not associated or affiliated with any of the following individuals or companies listed below and this is not a recommendation or endorsement of their services. Individuals listed below may be or were club members at one time and are acting independently of the club. This listing may be incomplete, out of date, and include schools and instructors that may not be approved for instruction at RMHPA Flying Sites at the time of reading. Many of these instructors teach outside of RMHPA.

Tandem Paragliding

All of the instructors below provide tandem flights. The actual flight time depends on the wind and weather, but ranges from 5-30 minutes. Plan on a couple hours to learn about flying, get to the launch site, and wait for launch.

School Listings

Professional instruction & certification is required to paraglide or hang glide. These schools primarily teach in Boulder, which is by far the most popular place to learn in Colorado:

There may be other schools suitable for learning. Please do your own research.

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