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Glenwood - Red Mtn

Morning ridge lift soaring.


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Red Mountain launch faces east with a slight southern aspect. On a typical morning, cold air drains from the south (Aspen/ Independence pass area) to replace warm rising air from lower elevations to the northwest. Red Mountain faces south slightly to scoop this drain upwards and provide ridge lift.

In addition to this, the early morning sun heats the Red Mountain Launch providing thermal cycles to compliment this drain. These conditions can produce reliable ridge soaring flights of an hour or so. Typically, if the weather is reported clear in the morning, Red Mountain is flyable.

Early morning flights are often smooth and well suited for students. Later in the day, Red Mountain does get thermic cycles, but it does not face the correct direction into the prevailing westerly winds for reliable XC flights.

Visit Glenwood Soaring Society for more information. Membership, a waiver, and a site intro is required to fly Glenwood.


Access to launch is restricted to the Glenwood Paragliding truck or to hike up. This truck typically will be going up to launch around 3-4 times a day. Red Mountain launch faces east with a slight southern aspect.

Ideal winds are 0-15mph. Conditions are usually best until about 10am.


The LZ is located between the high school stadium and the river, and has other hazards including pedestrians, a large pine tree just west of center, and trees on the border.

Be mindful of wind direction. The morning drain typically flows from the south meaning the typical landing pattern is oriented to land flying from the north (landing towards the town of Aspen). However, as the drain ends, so can the winds in the LZ. Expect at any moment that winds can switch directions.

Launch and Landing Map


Live Wind Usage

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