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Loveland Pass



Light wind high alpine paradise.

Backcountry site - undeveloped but associated with RMHPA

Min Rating:

Special Skills:



High Altitude, Turbulence


Summit County Hike n Fly

High altitude, thin air, big mountains! Use caution flying here and only go when conditions are excellent.

Most commonly flown in the evening around sunset. XC flights do happen, with Keystone being the most common destination.

You can get very high and still not be all that far above terrain, so fly conservatively and keep your LZ options open at all times.


12,850' above sea level, on top of the continental divide! Only consider launching Loveland when upper winds are very low. Launchable winds from S to W to NW and is best with light winds under 10mph.

Launch is just a short walk from the parking at the pass itself. The entire area is above treeline and you can launch anywhere that is clear of rocks - lots of options.


Use the field shown on the map during ski season. If the parking lots at Loveland or A-Basin are clear in the summer (and have no construction), it might be okay to land in one of them. We do not have official permission to do so.

Launch and Landing Map


Live Wind Usage

  • On your phone, open the link below and bookmark it or "Add to Home Screen".

  • It is optimized for use while in-flight and will auto-update frequently.

Live Winds

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