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Intro mountain site for morning sleds & thermals.

Primary site developed & maintained by RMHPA

Min Rating:

Special Skills:


P2 / H2 / M1

High Altitude, Turbulence


Bellyache | Wolcott

Bellyache is a very consistent morning site facing northeast to east and is usually flyable from 7am to 11-12. The morning catabatic flow from the Rocky Mountain divide facilitates an easterly wind in the morning. Sun and light thermals also enhance this dynamic, and usually we have a 4 to 6 hour morning window to fly.

Winds in the morning ranges from 3-10 mph. Late morning moderate thermals can develop with winds increasing from 5-15 mph in the stronger cycles. By noon the prevailing west mixes down and flying is done for the day.

The wind direction can be from the southeast to north to fly this site. All other directions are not favorable. Ideal Wind Range: HG 3-12mph max 25. PG 3-10mph max 15. MW 3-15mph max 18.

Site ratings reflect the pilot requirements during morning and evening flights and/or when thermic conditions and environmental hazards are not present. For mid-day conditions, H3/P3/M3 or higher is recommended.

Miniwings are popular here, with a P2/M1 rating and solid forward launch required. The glide ratio is 3.2 and the smallest recommended wing is 12m. Don't distract I-70 drivers with fancy landings!

Bellyache is one of the sites where RMHPA works closely with the land owner, which is the only way we can fly here. USHPA membership AND RMHPA membership is required - do your part!


Launch is a dirt and grass open area where many gliders can be laid out. Wind direction works from SE to NNW. General trend is SE early morning to NE-NNW late morning. It is possible to ridge soar early morning before 8 am with the catabatic flow. Pilots should have a solid forward launch for low-wind conditions.

As it gets later in the morning, launch can be thermic and small XC flights become possible.

Min Glide Ratio: 3.2.


The LZ is bordered by a river on the south, a barb wire fence and railroad tracks to north. It is narrow but as long as two football fields with sage on the NW end. There is also an interstate on the north and a 2 lane highway to the north. The wind is sometime from the W at the LZ, even if it was E on launch - look at the socks as you approach!

The LZ is tricky to drive to - use the map below! It's on private property - respect all gates and fences.

Launch and Landing Map


  • PG: 0-15mph, ideal 7mph, gust factor 5mph

  • MW: 0-15mph, ideal 7mph, gust factor 5mph

  • HG: 0-25mph, ideal 12mph, gust factor 5mph


This is a popular tandem location seeing daily flights with Vail Valley Paragliding. RMHPA does not endorse any instructor or tandem operator.


Live Wind Usage

  • On your phone, open the link below and bookmark it or "Add to Home Screen".

  • It is optimized for use while in-flight and will auto-update frequently.

Live Winds

XC Flights

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