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Peak 6



Big mountain flying popular with speedwings

Backcountry site - undeveloped but associated with RMHPA

Min Rating:

Special Skills:


P2+ / M2

High Altitude, Turbulence


Summit County Hike n Fly

Peak 6 is a fantastic high mountain site with beautiful morning soaring/sleds and occasional thermic flying in the evening. It's also very popular with mini wings in the morning.

If you start early enough, the morning can be calm enough for a P2 to launch in the light cycles as the first western winds arrive, usually between 8 and 9:30am. By 10am there might be enough wind to ridge soar for a while, but be careful, it can ramp up very quickly. The winds around the LZ's can be mixing from the valleys that meet here and it's best to be on the ground before they get strong.

When the winds are very light, all the way up to 18,000', you might get an afternoon or sunset flight, with the opportunity for a short XC to Frisco. It's possible to fly mid-day, but generally only in the fall when the thermals have calmed down.


The whole area is above treeline and you can launch anywhere that doesn't have too many rocks. Launching from Peak 4 is popular too, especially with mini wings. If the wind is on the high side, perhaps start down low. The hike up is a big vertical, but the Colorado Trail is beautiful and filled with flowers in late summer - especially at "Colombine Corner" near a stream crossing.



MAYBE IN 2024: When it's not ski season, and Copper's Far East lot is empty, you can land there IF YOU FILL OUT A WAIVER. Ask about it on the Telegram chat.

Land along the bike path in an open section just north of the parking lot. There are a couple small trees and a good number of rocks to avoid. Be careful of your ankles!

Later in the morning it can be thermic and wind can increase or switch direction all of a sudden.

Launch and Landing Map


Live Wind Usage

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Live Winds

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