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Lookout Sponsorship Programs

Updated Mar 25, 2024

Lookout is a challenging site with hidden hazards and complexities that are not immediately obvious. A sponsorship program has been established to get pilots the knowledge they need to fly Lookout safely. Participation in the sponsorship program is mandatory for all pilots less than P4/H4. RMHPA members rated as P2 and meeting other requirements may be sponsored. H2 pilots may not fly Lookout, visiting or not.

Sponsors are experienced pilot volunteers who are enthusiastic about safety, information sharing, and mentorship. When you contact a sponsor, they will recommend the best time for your site briefing and first flight. Your site briefing will cover the important aspects of flying at Lookout including weather and the site's complexities. Your sponsor will walk the LZs with you and accompany you launch to continue discussions. Your sponsor will allow you to launch if conditions are appropriate. You may NOT participate in a sponsored flight unless you use a radio that can be heard in-flight for receiving guidance from sponsors and other pilots flying at Lookout.

Steps for New Lookout Pilots

PG Sponsors
Site briefing and fly 10 sponsored flights (possible fewer for P3s)

  • Ed Williams

  • Benzie

  • Don Hillmuth

  • Sam Crater

  • Justin Hoggatt

  • Jeff Schneringer

  • Rick Damiani

  • Kevin Carter

  • Charlie Martin

  • Josh Taylor

  • Julie Taylor

  • Chris Webster

  • Darren Jack

  • Gary Vaillancourt

  • David Hach

  • Kiernan O'Donovan

  • Lex Shepherd

  • Shad Preston

  • Scott Drinkard

  • Arnaud Boucherat

  • Tim Meehan

  • Dusty Miller

  • Vinay Shah

  • Stephanie Linsley

  • Jack Schall

HG Sponsors
Site briefing and fly 10 sponsored flights for H3s

  • Dean Miller

  • Steve Ford

  • Jim Yocom

  • JT (James Trujillo)

  • Tavo Gutierrez

  • Sam Crater

Mini Sponsors
Site briefing and fly 5 sponsored flights

  • Derek Herra

  • Logan Hulett

  • Danelle Herra

  • Charlie Martin

  • Garry Vaillancourt

Walkthrough Checklist

  1. Verify radio 158.400 DCS 23

  2. Walk Main LZ

    • Discuss landing approaches.

    • When at or below 2nd switchback start setting up for landing.

    • Flying with hang gliders and clearing the LZ.

  3. Walk South LZ

    • Point out Miners Field SE Corner.

    • Discuss landing approaches.

    • Sponsored pilots should try to land in the South LZ at least once during sponsored flights.

  4. Windsocks

    • Top sock

    • North sock

    • South sock

    • Rockpile sock

    • Thermal sock

  5. Mention hazards in Windy Gap and in Clear Creek.

  6. Point out powerlines.

  7. Point out the horse pasture and soccer fields.

  8. Wind tools on the Lookout site description.

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