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Otto's Ridge



Reliable ridge soaring & kiting

Backcountry site - undeveloped but associated with RMHPA

Min Rating:

Special Skills:


P2 / H2 / M2

High Altitude



Otto's is a desert ridge soaring site. It's arguably one of the most consistent flying sites in the state. This is a great site for new P2s to gain airtime. Typical flying times are from dawn to late morning.

The most important thing is following ridge soaring right of way rules (ridge on pilot's right, pilot has right of way). The lift band at Otto's is smaller than other ridge soaring sites. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Otto's works off the east winds generated by the valley flow each morning. It's good to see the NAM, HRRR and GFS all starting east north east at dawn and moving east then east south east as the morning progresses.


Otto's is one of the most accessible sites in the state, just drive and park (or camp) right at launch.

Launch is immediately next to the windsock along the ridge. You'll find a large section of ground cleared of any sage brush.


Top landing at launch is preferred. The lower LZ is marked by a triangle formed from lines of white rocks. There is also a streamer, winds are generally much lighter at the lower LZ. Follow these white rocks back towards the ridge and you'll find a trail leading back up.

Launch and Landing Map


Live Wind Usage

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Live Winds

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