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File a report with USHPA.

Mountain Flying

Most of the time thermals are the primary source of lift at RMHPA sites. A typical good day looks like:

Early Morning
Light thermals winds often in the 3-10 mph range. A good time to fly a new site. Low airtime pilots can gain experience.
Morning Cook
Soarable conditions as thermals get stronger.
Thermal activity shuts off as mid day conditions build.
Mid Day Conditions
Strong thermal activity with winds ranging from 0-25 mph. Advanced pilots only. Strong thermal cycles exceed everyone's opperating limitations. Good judgement and experience are required to fly safely in mid day conditions.
Thermal activity calms down. Occasionally sites glass-off.

General Winds Aloft Guidance

Mountain Sites
5-15 PG 5-20 HG at 18,000 feet
Front Range Sites
below 20 mph at 11,000 feet