General Site Information

RMHPA Free Flight Sites

The RMHPA insures, maintains, and regulates several flying sites on the Front Range and in the mountains of Colorado. Sites are considered sensitive and flying at our sites requires adhering to specific procedures.

This information and the applicable, current site protocols change VERY OFTEN and you must contact a local, active pilot for a briefing on the current protocols. The best way for even local pilots to be and stay informed about our sites is to come to the RMHPA meetings, contact the Site Rep/ pilot in command, or contact your board members. Turnip. Every effort will be made to keep the site information and protocols up to date in this guide however it should not be relied upon as a single source of information. Always get a site briefing from a local pilot. Do not fly sites alone or without a local pilot present. If locals are not flying, there is likely a reason.

The rating listed for a given launch or landing zone does not mean that if you have that rating you will necessarily be able to safely launch or safely land. The rating means you must have knowledge at that level to decide whether it is safe for you to launch or land in the existing conditions.

Always ​Fly within the recommended operating limitations for your rating;  pay attention to changing conditions and weather forecasts. Flying into mid-day and peak heating conditions should be reserved for Advanced pilots. Reference USHPA recommended operating limitations for your rating in the USHPA USHPA Pilot Proficiency System.

Cross-country flights from all of our sites fly over private property and/or State Park land. You should familiarize yourself with the locations of legal landing zones and strict no landing areas before venturing XC. 

RMHPA Flying Sites
  • Lookout
  • Boulder
  • Bellyache
  • Wolcott
  • Williams
  • Villa Grove
  • Copper Mountain
  • Kenosha Pass