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Morning hike & fly over the Colorado River


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Williams | Azure | Junction Butte | Yarmony



Yarmony is a E/ESE morning site located in the Upper Colorado River corridor halfway-ish between Kremmling and Edwards.

Light winds and sun are ideal. With this combo it will generally be nearly dead on launch earlier in the morning, transitioning to blowing in nicely for the later morning and early midday hours, and then blowing OTB after.

XC is very possible from this site. Normal wind patterns general have you pushing N up the river valley, tagging Azure and then clearing Gore canyon to continue on towards Williams. Flights to Edwards and the Vail Valley have been done but these are a little harder to make happen.


Launch is ESE and exposed to morning sun and hopefully has wind and light thermals coming up the face in the late morning.

The hike can take a long time if you've never done it, and if you arrive late, the wind might be over the back... start early!


You can land right next to your car if you're feeling confident, or the easier large field a short walk down the railroad (shown on map).

Alternatively, go across the river where there are many large fields and you can grab a drink at Rancho del Rio as you walk back to the car!

Launch and Landing Map

Hiking Up

There are a couple tricky spots. Near the beginning you will need to stay right and high, don't drop back into the gully on the more well travelled road. 

A little further on you will come to a meadow and the road disappears, keep heading in the same direction you've been going across the meadow and you will pick up the road again. 

The road will begin to head steeply up the mountain. It will eventually dead end. Look for a pile of white-ish branches/sticks off to the right. The trail is behind these. Follow cairns and the trimmed trees up the mountain until you eventually reach an open saddle of red dirt. Cross this saddle and a game trail heads up and to the right from the other side. Follow this for a couple hundred feet and then start heading pretty much straight up. There will be no more established trail. Light bushwalking through some small sagebrush at times. You will soon see launch above you.


Live Wind Usage

  • On your phone, open the link below and bookmark it or "Add to Home Screen".

  • It is optimized for use while in-flight and will auto-update frequently.

Live Winds

XC Flights

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