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Mountain XC and evening soaring


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Western Slope XC



A mountain drive 'n hike site with multiple aspects including one of the few north launches in the area.

Mordor offers great evening soaring along the south facing bowl. XC pilots will find Mordor a great option when the local convergence dips south and makes Douglas Pass unlaunchable. BLM camping is permitted in the LZ.

When driving in,please slow to reduce dust when passing the houses at the base of the book cliffs. Once at the LZ take Lapham Canyon Road to the base of the trail to launch. Please ensure you park off the road to allow others to pass. Road to launch is bumpy but passable by Subaru or similar vehicle.

Winds below 15mph on launch. Aspect: N/NE or S/SW.


Launch is on either side of the eastern spine. If launching to the north, ensure you leave enough altitude to make the LZ or land at oil pad near the trail parking.


The landing area is a large grassy area at the base of the valley. Do not land on the private property beyond the fence.

Launch and Landing Map


Live Wind Usage

  • On your phone, open the link below and bookmark it or "Add to Home Screen".

  • It is optimized for use while in-flight and will auto-update frequently.

Live Winds

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