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High Lonesome Ranch

Private mountain flight park - events and guides


Min Rating:

Western Slope XC


P3 / P2 w Sponsor

A private mountain flight park open for camping, flying, and PG Events. A paragliding paradise, access two private launch sites via a gated mountain road. Camping is located next to the LZ. Bring your tent/rv and family and enjoy the peace of the outdoors.

P2 Pilots are welcome with their instructor present. P3s are welcome to fly after a supervised flight from a site mentor or attending the annual HighLonesome Fly In.

The Ranch offers excellent flying opportunities from evening glass-offs to big XC adventures. Advanced XC pilots will enjoy powerful thermals to dizzying heights during peak season. O2 is highly recommended on big days. During spring and fall months pilots can enjoy the evening glass offs and mellow morning thermals.


The Ranch offers two large launches with a combined nearly 180 degree launch aspect. The East and West sites are a short walk from each other on either side of a large flat finger sticking out from the main ridge. Be sure to check the wind direction from both sites before launching. Surface heating can make both sides appear launchable.


Landing area is the field next to the campground. Please avoid landing near livestock or wildlife. If Ranch staff ask you to avoid landing in a particular area, please do so.

The entire ridge offers easy top-landings.

Launch and Landing Map

  • Minimum Rating: P3 with Site Mentor, P2 with instructor.

  • You must check in at HQ before camping or flying!

  • You must sign the Ranch Waiver before flying.

  • The Ranch requires 48hrs notice before arrival.

  • Call the Ranch office at (970) 283-9420 or email before arrival.

  • Do not drive up the road without checking in with the Ranch at HQ.

  • No Mini/Speed wings are allowed at the Ranch.

  • Day Access: $20. Camping is $25/night per site, includes use of bathrooms and showers located at HQ. Pool access $5, (yes there is a pool!). Monthly and Annual Memberships are available.

  • Instructors can contact the Ranch about hosting workshops or events.

  • The Ranch offers a variety of activities for non flying guests including hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.


Live Wind Usage

  • On your phone, open the link below and bookmark it or "Add to Home Screen".

  • It is optimized for use while in-flight and will auto-update frequently.

Live Winds

If you have a suggestion, correction, or addition to a flying site, please contact

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