Copper Mountain Site Guide

Summer Copper Mountain: Located at Copper Mountain Resort, Colorado at I-70 exit 195.
There is a winter season and summer season that overlap spring/fall.
Copper Mountain has a three way air flow system: 1) Vail Pass 2) Freemont Pass 3) Ten Mile Canyon
The SKY chutes and Ten Mile Range are immediately located to the east.
Mosquito Range is located to the south.
Camp Hale/Holy Cross Wilderness is located to the west.
The Gore Range and Eagles Nest Wilderness is located to the north.
Each range includes peaks over 14,000ft MSL.

Radio Frequency

151.955 MHz

Launch faces West (270°) to North (360°) on Hallelujah Ridge approximately 12,200ft MSL.
Launch: 39.4720, -106.1572 (top of storm king lift)
The primary Landing Zone (LZ) is at 9700ft MSL and varies from soccer field in main parking lot in summer and golf course fairways #2 and #9 in the winter.
Summer LZ: 39.5022, -106.1411 (soccer field in main parking lot)
Winter LZ 1: 39.5000, -106.1500 (fairway 2 below Pitch Fork lift)
Winter LZ 2: 39.4990, -106.1480 (fairway 9 by Super B lift)
Note: Landing zones have potential convergence issues due to the various air flows.
Use alternate LZ in convergence conditions when main LZ is too hazardous for a safe landing.


Glide Ratio: 5:1

Required Pilot Rating:

Pilots should have special skills: High Altitude (HA) and Turbulance (TUR)
In summer, the valley heats quickly and thermals form in less than 30 minutes making midday dangerous for paragliding.
In winter, storm fronts include high wind and gusting.
Pilots should not fly in these conditions due to high risk and liability.

Winter Ski Resort has several general rules and regulations that all pilots and members must follow. Rules may change at discrection of Copper Resort.
Members need to perform mountain clean up as gratitude payment in keeping good faith to preserve our flying site.
Ski Resort and RMHPA must abide by all Risk Management (Resort/USHPA) rules and regulations set forth to keep the site safe and fee of accidents.
Pilots and members must show respect at all times since flying is a privilege that has been taken away in the past.
Pilots must sign liability waiver for any activity at Copper Resort.
Pilots must have valid USHPA membership with P4/H4 rating. RMHPA membership strongly recommended
Pilots are not allowed to land inside the ski area boundary or near equipment or near structures or near people.
Pilots must contact a site director prior to flying the site and fly only under recommendation of flight director since the window to fly can close quickly.
Pilots not associated with USHPA are not allowed to fly and must be reported. Copper Resort may take crimial action.
Summer drive up access is available for three approved/registered/insured vehicles and licensed drivers.


Summer Winter Flying:
Ski patrol determines when to open and close launch. Flying is generally permitted when Storm King lift & Upper Enchancted Forest is open. Site director must check-in with ski patrol on the day of flying. Pilots access the mountain as a regular skier or snowboarder. Lift ticket or season pass to access the mountain is required. Pilots must ski/ride down the mountain on proper equipment when conditions do not permit flying. Storm King lift closes at 3pm. Pilots must exit the launch area at this time and prior to Ski Patrol clearing run (no exceptions).

Summer Flying:
Copper Resort Mountain Operations determines when to open road access, which is generally at the start of summer season (2nd weekend in June). Summer road access continues until mid-October unless snow covers the road and/or Mountain Operations shuts down access. Early morning flights are consistent in the summer. H4/P4 pilot need to make good choices since conditions can change within 15 minutes as thermals build quickly.
Given no over development, evening flights can be obtained with proper conditions.

There are several other RMHPA sites to fly in the area: Bellyache Ridge, Wolcott and Williams Peak.
All these sites should be flow several times before flying Copper.

Summer Launch Summer Launch Summer Landing Zone
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