Copper Mountain

RMHPA Insured Site
Revision: Feb-2021

Copper is an advanced site (P4/H4 only) requires a ski pass and requires close cordination with the Ski Patrol. Summit County offers several other sites that are much less restrictive, and more accessable.

Advanced Pilots please review this Document: Copper Launch, Landings and Maps

General Area:
  • Located at Copper Mountain Resort, Colorado at I-70 & Highway 91 (exit 195)
  • Copper Mountain has a three way air flow system: 1) Vail Pass 2) Freemont Pass 3) Ten Mile Canyon
  • The SKY chutes and Ten Mile Range are immediately located to the east.
  • Mosquito Range is located to the south.
  • Camp Hale/Holy Cross Wilderness is located to the west.
  • The Gore Range and Eagles Nest Wilderness is located to the north.
  • Each range includes peaks over 14,000ft MSL.
  • Launch faces West (270°) to North (360°) on Hallelujah Ridge approximately 12,200ft MSL.
  • Launch: 39.4720, -106.1572 (top of storm king lift)
Landing Zones
  • Summer LZ: 39.5022, -106.1411 (soccer field in main parking lot)
  • Golf course hole 9 just west of Super B. This runway allows access to pack and cycle back to top.
  • Golf course hole 11 parallel to parking lot. For last flight, this runway can be used to walk to your vehicle.

Note: Landing zones have potential convergence issues due to the various air flows.

Use alternate LZ in convergence conditions when main LZ is too hazardous for a safe landing.

Copper Requirements
Miniwings are not permitted.

Pilots should have special skills: High Altitude (HA) and Turbulance (TUR)

Site Considerations
  • Pilots need to be very conserative with winds 6 to 10 mph for launching.
  • In summer, the valley heats quickly and thermals form in less than 30 minutes making midday dangerous for paragliding.
  • In winter, storm fronts include high wind and gusting. Pilots should not fly in these conditions due to high risk and liability.
  • Ideal Wind Range   Max Winds
    HG 3 - 12 mph12 mph
    PG 3 - 10 mph10 mph

    Each pilot needs to individually determine his/her ideal flying conditions.

  • Summer drive up access is available for three approved/registered/insured vehicles and licensed drivers.
Winter Flying
  • Ski patrol determines when to open and close launch. Flying is generally permitted when Storm King lift & Upper Enchancted Forest is open.
  • Site director must check-in with ski patrol on the day of flying. Pilots access the mountain as a regular skier or snowboarder.
  • Lift ticket or season pass to access the mountain is required. Pilots must ski/ride down the mountain on proper equipment when conditions do not permit flying.
  • Storm King lift closes at 3pm. Pilots must exit the launch area at this time and prior to Ski Patrol clearing run (no exceptions).
  • Summer Flying
  • Copper Resort Mountain Operations determines when to open road access, which is generally at the start of summer season (2nd weekend in June).
  • Summer road access continues until mid-October unless snow covers the road and/or Mountain Operations shuts down access. Early morning flights are consistent in the summer.
  • H4/P4 pilot need to make good choices since conditions can change within 15 minutes as thermals build quickly.
  • Given no over development, evening flights can be obtained with proper conditions.
  • Rules
    • Pilots must sign liability waiver for any activity at Copper Resort.
    • Pilots must have current USHPA with a P4 or H4 rating.
    • Pilots are not allowed to land inside the ski area boundary or near equipment or near structures or near people.
    • Rules may change at discrection of Copper Resort.
    • Pilots must contact a site director prior to flying the site and fly only under recommendation of flight director since the window to fly can close quickly.
    Phone Contacts
    • Site Director: 303-204-9393 Jason Rice or 970-376-3363 Bob Strong
    • Ski Patrol: 970-068-3311
    • Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) : 970-968-1715
    • Copper Metro District Fire Department : 970-968-2911 or 911