About Us

RMHPA exists to protect and ensure access to free flight in Colorado where a landowner has asked for additional protection beyond what CO statutes provide in the form of site insurance. RMHPA insures seven Colorado sites where landowners have asked for this support. The landowners we work with include private individuals, corporations, and city and county governments. Without this work to provide insurance, the site owners would not allow free flight and our flying options in Colorado would be more limited. Your efforts and dues as RMHPA members makes this possible.

With over 200 members, we have a passionate group of pilots to ensure that these sites remain open for future pilots to enjoy. Our guiding principle is that all Free Flight pilots share common goals best served by a united effort to promote flying safety, education, and good community throughout Colorado.

We need all pilots at our insured sites to be USHPA members. Lookout in Golden, CO requires a special waiver and has additonal protocol due to the proximity to urban areas. Of course, all instructors teaching at our insured sites also must be USHPA Instructor rated and insured. Lastly, please do not ground handle your wing at an insured launch or landing zone unless you are with an instructor or have your P2.

To be clear RMHPA is not about making arbitrary rules and unnecessary regulations. In fact, the vast majority of sites in Colorado don't require any access management. In these cases, the local pilots set the standards and make sure individual actions don’t jeopardize free flight access for the rest. We only step in when a landowner asked for us to do so.

The club has been in existence since 1970, nearly 50 years! It was the 21st free flight club to be founded in the U.S. and is one of only a handful of clubs that provides insurance for more than one site. Please be aware of and appreciate our rich history - know that there are many pilots who paved the way for your Fee Flight endeavors.

RMHPA Flying Sites

The RMHPA flying sites are on Colorado's Front Range as well as in the mountains. Along the Front Range Lookout (Mt. Zion) and Boulder are the most commonly flown sites. In the mountains RMHPA insures Villa Grove in the San Luis Valley, and the Bellyache and Wolcot sites in the Vail valley. Please see our site guide for more information about our sites.


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