Lookout Mountain

Special Notice

Lookout's main LZ is closed until further notice. The Colorado Department of Transportation is having a detention pond built in the landing zone. Until this project is complete Lookout's primary LZ is closed.
  • New pilots are not being sponsored at this time.
  • Commercial Tandem Flights are suspended until further notice.

Mt. ZionMt. Zion (Lookout Mtn): The Lookout flying site, located on Mt. Zion in Golden, has restricted landing fields, is in the public eye, and is one of very few sites along the Front Range. Lookout Launch is located on Jefferson County Open Space land. Lookout LZ is owned by the Colorado School of Mines and by the City of Golden. We fly with permission of these organizations and are required to restrict flying at Lookout to qualified pilots. With that said, we’ll do everything we can to help qualified pilots enjoy this great flying site as much as we do!

Th site is at approximately 6500ft MSL, 900ft above the primary LZ. Launches include possible NE, E, and SE. It's primarily a thermal site with little ridge soaring opportunity. Flying is possible year round. It has good XC potential; the Colorado state hang gliding record was set here - 187 miles by Brad Koji, and paragliding record of 102 miles by Jan Voegeli.

You must be a member of the USHPA and the RMHPA to fly this site due to landowner liability issues and you must meet RMHPA requirements for flying this site.

Introduction Video for Paraglider Pilots:

Introduction Video for Hang Glider Pilots:

Lookout Paraglider Sponsors


Documents & Forms

Please use the documents and forms above in conjunction with an official sponsor. Sponsors are listed on the sponsorship sheet.

Quick Reference Rules (Paraglider)

Local Pilots

Rating Requirement
All Current RMHPA and USHPA Membership.
P2 Minimum of 60 flights
  Must have 15 spot landings within a 50 foot circle(Instructor Verified)
  Sponsored for a minimum of 10 flights
  Observer or Instructor must perform walk through and sponsor the 1st flight for P2’s.
  USHPA recommended operating limitations also apply
P3 Observer/Sponsor walk through with site briefing
  Sponsored for a minimum of 10 flights
P4 Observer/Sponsor walk through with site briefing

Visiting Pilots

Rating Requirement
All *Current RMHPA and USHPA Membership.
P3 Walk through with site briefing
  Sponsored for a minimum of 10 flights
P4 Observer/Sponsor walk through with site briefing